Features: Hands/Kick Combos, Takedowns, Throws, Sweeps, Clinching Sanshou is a fighting discipline  developed by the Chinese Military! It is composed of some aspects of traditional martial arts fighting styles in China, but mainly based on scientific one-to-one combat efficiency. Simlilar to Muay Thai and Kickboxing, however, Sanshou (also known as "Sanda") incorporates grappling, throws and take downs. Sanda's most distinguished techniques is arguably the "kick catch", which involves the Sanshou practitioner catching his/her opponent's leg in mid-air, and then sweeping him/her to the floor. Presently, Sanshou is taught at different Shaolin Temples in China and to the Chinese Army. Sanshou's Arsenal of kicks, punches, and take downs are derived from the techniques taught in King Fu.